Practices in Pedagogy

"To Teach is to Learn Twice Over"

“A Lesson from the Best”

Yesterday, my professor showed my EDU 4520 class an example of great teaching. 2004 Teacher of the Year: Philip Beadle, dazzles in the categories of assessment, classroom management, personal intuition, creativity in Education, and inspirational leading.

Here below is the link to Mr. Beadle’s lesson:

I am truly in amazement when I view this video. The impressive manner in which Beadle controls his classroom astounds me. The way in which a single word from his mouth immediately silences the classroom baffles me. By far the most beautiful aspect to this video is how Beadle combines a hard-nosed, disciplinary demeanor with a humble passion and love for his students.

Always fearful of falling too much into one pole or the other, I consistently attempt to remain a neutral, calm demeanor while attempting to lead. I am constantly afraid to be too harsh, too docile, to inept, too critical, or too gracious. But the wonderful example set by Beadle allows me to see that one can be strict and mature, yet still gain the students’ appreciation.

I am wholeheartedly excited to see what aspects of Beadle’s lesson I can one day include in my own classroom. I consider learning from his example an incredibly valuable and insightful experience, and I cannot wait to see what may come of it!


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