Practices in Pedagogy

"To Teach is to Learn Twice Over"

About this Portfolio

As part of the standard set forth by Seattle Pacific University and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will be implementing this blog-portfolio as a professional and reflective tool to gage my development as a teacher candidate in Washington State. According to H. Barrett, electronic portfolios such as this one possess the potential to capture both the process and the product of learning over time  (2009). Therefore, I will utilize this blog as a workspace–an ever-updating, ever-growing blackboard– for my cognitive development as an educator. Simultaneously, the work produced on this blog stands as a final showcase of achievements accomplished during the undergraduate certification program at SPU. Simply put, this portfolio will cover the process and final product of my development as an educator.

Course by course, documentation of my work will be posted so as to reflect my learning. Tags of keywords, motivations, and content-based assignments will be present. Categories linking my independent posts to standards– whether SPU, state, or national–will also be viewable on this b-portfolio. Evidence (labeled “Artifacts”) of my learning will undoubtedly be a part of this blog, for in these documents, graphics, videos, or links we all truly see growth. Finally, this b-portfolio will entail several meta-reflections. These summative posts will emphasize standard-based education, while simultaneously building a strong foundation for my future career as a successful teacher in Washington. At the end of the undergraduate certification program at SPU, the b-Portfolio can, and will, serve as my professional portfolio.

Thank you for reading!


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